Data Center 2 (DC2) – Beaverton, Oregon

For the better part of a decade, Atmosera has owned, operated, and offered TYPE-II SSAE 16 compliant data centers to clients who need secure space, power, and cooling to deploy their mission critical applications. We also leverage 21 additional data centers in the U.S. and abroad through strategic alliances. We offer a range of options from racks and full cabinets to secure cages. We also have network connectivity from several service providers.
Clients benefit from multiple hardened layers of security, reliability, and protection, combined with rigorous operational and maintenance procedures. We provide professional services that include remote hands, monitoring, and backup. We operate three data centers in the Portland Metropolitan area: Data Center 1 (DC1) and Data Center 2 (DC2) located in Beaverton, and Data Center 3 (DC3) located downtown Portland.

Physical Specifications

DC2 provides clients an ideal space to deploy their infrastructure and mission critical applications. We offer a safe and secure environment complete with space, power, and cooling with the following features:

  • Over 6,500 square foot
  • Flat stable ground with no known faults, flood plains, wetland or other geological threats
  • Borders a “Low” to “Low-Mid” seismic risk area, based on the composite score of relative slope instability, relative amplification hazard, and relative liquefaction hazard
  • Floor is static dissipative
  • Out of any flight paths
  • Choice of space in shared and private cabinets, in full-height and partial-cabinet increments
  • All full-height and new partial-size cabinets use a perforated door
  • Cabinets are bolted to the concrete foundation for seismic stability
  • Overhead anchored ladders provide additional vertical stability
  • High average power density of 200 kW/sq. ft. (5 kW per cabinet)
  • All critical systems are configured N+1 or better — allows for scheduled maintenance or subsystem outage without affecting service availability

Type-II SSAE 16 Audited and Compliant for Secure Operations

Atmosera’s colocation facilities are Type-II SSAE 16 audited, providing external validation that controls are in place to ensure the highest levels of security and availability. Our Command Center is staffed 24x7x24 to monitor all systems as well as the campus-wide internal and perimeter video surveillance cameras.

Energy-Efficient Design and Technologies

DC2 incorporates innovative technologies and methodologies designed to reduce energy consumption and achieve a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3 or better. Because of the energy efficiencies gained compared to conventional data center designs, this is the first data center project to qualify for funding through the Oregon Department of Energy’s State Energy Loan Program (SELP). With the help of Energy Trust of Oregon, EasyStreet played a pioneering role in developing the Oregon Department of Energy’s expertise in the area of efficient data center design.

Our Clients Can ‘Go Green’ With No Surcharge

Atmosera procures 100% Portland General Electric Clean Wind℠ power offsets for DC1 and DC2 as well as our headquarters. Although it cost more to build than a conventional facility — and although renewable power will cost us a premium — the efficiencies gained by design means we can provide our services with no “green surcharge” to our clients.

Convenient and Help When You Need It

Our facilities are designed to help you access your equipment when you need to. We also provide convenient space for you to work including a lobby area for equipment preparation with Internet access. Our loading dock is directly adjacent to the data center and we provide escort services while you load and unload your equipment. We offer a range of professional services from “remote hands” and active monitoring to architecture, design, procurement, and installation all tailored to enable faster deployments and flawless ongoing operations. Clients can also select proactive monitoring services for their applications and/or infrastructure using SolarWinds® Orion and our 24x7x365 Command Center.

Mechanical and HVAC

An innovative Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC) system from AMAX® is key to efficiency and outstanding PUE. Direct Expansion (DX) packages provide supplemental cooling when required.

  • Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) chimney cabinets are part of the cooling system. They gather hot exhaust air and route it to the roof for processing
  • Rooftop IEC units in an N+1 configuration. Each IEC unit is connected to a shared supply and return trunk, allowing any spare unit to replace any failed unit
  • Overhead duct work distributes cooled air throughout the data center
  • Humidity is controlled with ultrasonic humidifiers operated by the master control system

A 25,000-gallon underground tank collects rainwater from the roof. It is filtered and used by the IEC units to cool the hot air exhausted through the return duct. Reclaimed water is supplemented by city water when necessary. 100% of our city water usage is offset by BEF Water Restoration Certificates.
A highly-sensitive VESDA aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system. Alerts are enunciated in the Command Center and alarms are sent to a third-party alarm company. A gas-free, pre-action sprinkler system provides fire suppression.

Power Infrastructure

  • A/B 225-amp 120/208V isolated ground Starline buses PDUs and circuit breakers
  • Each bus has independent circuit protection
  • Power is stepped down using harmonic mitigating transformers
  • Transformers are powered by Eaton/ Powerware 9395 825 N+1 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) using VYCON flywheels as their power source. Each UPS is internally N+1. Each UPS has N+1 flywheels
  • UPSs are powered through a Square-D switchgear platform
  • The switchgear is powered by a dedicated 4 MW PGE utility feed and 480/277 V 2500 kVA transformer and paralleled 600 kVA Kohler diesel generators in an N+1 configuration

Safety/Access Control/Surveillance

DC2 is monitored by Atmosera’s Command Center 7x24x365 including infrastructure power, client branch circuits, temperature and humidity, generators, switchgear, UPSs, cooling plant, and life safety. We follows strict protocols to control and surveil all access:

  • Accessible 24x7x365 for authorized client personnel via electronic card and fingerprint ID which ensures all access is logged
  • Intrusion detection monitoring with internal alarming and external security service
  • Video cameras with 90-day recording archives

Networking and Telecommunications

Atmosera leverages multiple upstream connections, a fully redundant infrastructure, abundant capacity and years of connectivity experience to deliver unsurpassed network reliability. Atmosera is a carrier-neutral facility with multiple providers, including AboveNet, CenturyLink, Level 3, Comcast, Freewire Broadband, Frontier, Integra, LS Networks and Time Warner. We provide high capacity service with lower-cost choices for backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), synchronization, and more. DC2 has a direct fiber path to DC1 and multiple options including:

  • Connectivity to the Pittock building via redundant ring
  • Centralized monitoring tools and SNMP agents with customized thresholds
  • Tailored monitoring for hardware availability, OS/server performance, application and/or site availability and performance

Atmosera is a founding member of the Northwest Access Exchange (NWAX), a regional Internet exchange with a Point of Presence (PoP) at Atmosera. NWAX provides peering and transit services over a gigabit Ethernet fabric, and interconnects nearly 20 major ISP, business and public/education networks, providing the highest possible performance with local peers.

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